Saturday, 16 April 2011


Its been ten days since i last posted, oops.

Ive been really busy. Im doing work experience in the city with a top tier law firm. Its been exciting and ive learnt a  lot. I really hope i get a job out of it but i doubt it, at least im getting experience though.

Settling in with Harry Potter this evening, the movies that is.

Easter soon :) cant wait to eat lots of chocolate.

Happy mid-semester break to all Aussie university students.

N xx

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New do :)

Own It!

Today i attended the Mount Druitt Youthfest - Own It.
I went because i wanted a good story for one of my assignments.

What can i say about the event?
While i saw some typical Western Sydney teenage behaviour (im sorry to use the stereotype but its so true) the rest of the experience was rather enjoyable.
I was amazed at how good some of the acts were. I will post a video later today and some photos in the next coming days.

That is all for today really.
Oh and one more thing... i dyed my hair, its dark (almost black) with a tinge or red in it. Its a lot darker than what i wanted but i still like it.
I shall upload a photo soon.

Night all xx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Why is it that every time i try doing something nice it gets thrown back into my face?
Why cant people just appreciate the nice things i do for them?

Im so hurt.
I try to come to you about one little thing and instead you get the shits at me because i want to talk about something important. How does that even make sense?

So im choosing not to let your anger overpower me to the point where i am the one apologising.
This time you can come to me and say you are sorry!