Wednesday, 30 March 2011

crazy day.

Where do i begin? How about from the start?

Okay so i woke up normally just like every other Wednesday morning, my printer ran out of ink and so i had to hand write my resignation letter. At work, my close friend Steph was being trained on how to pierce ears and so i offered to be her dummy. I now have my second wholes :)

While i worked through the pain my day was still going well, up until i burnt my hand!
Ye however this was all still a typical day for me, i am really clumsy.

I left and headed out to meet Bek for my first ever lesson with Rocket!
It stopped raining the second we were ready to take his out and i took this to be a good omen.
Everything was going great, it took a while but Rocket eventually warmed up to me.

I finally got him to trot and at the wrong second he took off, in the middle of a turn, up a hill. Needless to say i could not hold my balance and came down hard on a rock on my back!

I laughed it off and tried not to let Bek see how much it hurt, and the best thing is i still got back on! After that Rocket was a lot more careful, its funny how aware he was of what had happened, he actually acted apologetic.
My arm is grazed and my left thigh is bruising up nicely, i can barely walk. It sounds like im being a baby but it really hurts!

After i came home i decided it was time to take my parents brand new Mercedes out for a spin! And guess who i run into? The one girl who was so jealous that it ended our friendship 6 months ago! And the same girl who i wrote about in my post 'GIRLS!' a couple of days ago!
Seeing her eyes green with envy made me feel better about everything that has gone wrong for me lately.

Such an interesting end to an interesting day :)

Anyways tomorrow i have a presentation on documentaries, time to get to it.
Night all

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Did i mention that i quit my job? Well yeah i did, so i am now on the hunt for a new job.
I went into Blacktown Westpoint and when i asked the lady at Temt if they were hiring, she looked me up and down before answering 'yes' shallow much?

I bought new platforms to make myself feel better for the poor job opportunities :) and the new novel by Jodi Picoult! Cannot wait to start reading.

Uni today was boring, one of my tutors is really starting to get on my nerves!
Besides from that i did a lot of thinking today, i thought about everything.
I miss my mum, she comes home on Saturday :)

and boy do i miss you.

Monday, 28 March 2011


A long time ago I accepted the fact that most girls don't like me. Even before they know me they look at me and decide 'I dont like her' because it's easier for them that way, maybe they think: 'if I don't know her I can make myself believe she is a bad person.' But to those few girls who have actually gotten to know the real me, thankyou you have become my bestfriends and to everyone else, remember: jealousy is a curse!


Its Monday night in Sydney.
I had a long day at work, and my social life took an interesting hit.
Sometimes i really wonder what goes on in girl's heads?
I found out that a girl i know was coming in between a family with two young boys (homewrecker) and so i deleted her off my facebook, only to then see her posting abusive statuses about me.
Seriously? Grow up girl!!!! Oh and i wonder if your "boyfriend" knows about the boy you have on the side? I think not.
Watch what you say sweetheart.
That is all, goodnight Sydney siders :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Good evening Sydney siders :)
Not much to blog about today, had a hard day at work. I think im going to quit the job im at now, my manager is not the brightest person and she is really getting on my nerves. Ive only been at this place for 6 months and its already driving me insane!
Anyways, its 7.12pm  on a Saturday night here in Sydney and its time for me relax.
Goodnight everyone

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Today my bestfriend Bek got back some medical results that she was dreading, and sure enough they confirmed that she was allergic to horses and anything associated to them.
So you may think, why was she dreading this?

Well ill tell you a little story, for as long as i have know Bek she has had a passion for horses. She used to go after school to volunteer at a riding school teaching disabled children how to ride. She didnt care that she wasnt being paid because she loved it, she loved being around the horses and the children.

She is now studying to be a primary school teacher and just recently she completed her certificate and is a qualified NSW Riding Instructor, yes thats right, people have to pay her now.

Im so proud of her for all she has achieved and then a few short weeks later she told me that she had purchased her first horse Rocket. I was excited for my first lesson on Rocket, she always speaks so wonderfully of him.

Today she found out that she is highly allergic to her own horse and the place that makes her the happiest.

Sometimes our bodies betray us, i should know, i take four tablets a day, watch my diet and how i treat my body just to make sure it remains healthy. It is definitely a lot of work.

So to those out there who think to themselves "what the..?"when something unexpected happens, just take it in and don't be so disheartened because no ones body is perfect. And like my friend Bek, sometimes we just need to accept the things that happen to us and move on.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I met a woman today, her name was Angie. She told me something that i will never forget.
She said to me 'love doesnt hurt' and at first i stared at her baffled by what she meant. I did not understand, and then i reflected upon our conversation and to the reason why we had even met and then i understood.
But i would like to put my own spin on it: 'true love doesnt hurt.'

We hurt people we love all the time, and they hurt us back as well, although it is mostly never on purpose.
But when you meet your true love this would never be an issue, your love for each other could never be painful. This i think is the distinction we all need to make when we are in relationships: is the reason im hurt because of an accident? or is it because of something bigger?

And while i cried hysterically to this woman i barely knew i thought to myself: is what we have true love or just a love that i cannot let go of?


you dont get to just apologise and think that everything will be okay.
you cant say one nice thing and think that ill trust you again.
a lot of time has passed and it will take a lot of time to get back where we were.
you might not have changed, but i have.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

just a thought.

happiness is like a balloon, the more the balloon fills the more you get scared that it will blow up in your face and be destroyed in an instant.