Thursday, 24 March 2011


Today my bestfriend Bek got back some medical results that she was dreading, and sure enough they confirmed that she was allergic to horses and anything associated to them.
So you may think, why was she dreading this?

Well ill tell you a little story, for as long as i have know Bek she has had a passion for horses. She used to go after school to volunteer at a riding school teaching disabled children how to ride. She didnt care that she wasnt being paid because she loved it, she loved being around the horses and the children.

She is now studying to be a primary school teacher and just recently she completed her certificate and is a qualified NSW Riding Instructor, yes thats right, people have to pay her now.

Im so proud of her for all she has achieved and then a few short weeks later she told me that she had purchased her first horse Rocket. I was excited for my first lesson on Rocket, she always speaks so wonderfully of him.

Today she found out that she is highly allergic to her own horse and the place that makes her the happiest.

Sometimes our bodies betray us, i should know, i take four tablets a day, watch my diet and how i treat my body just to make sure it remains healthy. It is definitely a lot of work.

So to those out there who think to themselves "what the..?"when something unexpected happens, just take it in and don't be so disheartened because no ones body is perfect. And like my friend Bek, sometimes we just need to accept the things that happen to us and move on.

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