Friday, 23 December 2011

Too much or not enough?

Okay, so here is a thought, am I the only one who wants her boyfriend to be a little protective? I mean not overly protective where every little thing causes an argument but enough to show that he cares and that he is proud to be mine.
It seems as though there is only one extreme with guys. They can only either give their whole selves to you or not enough or some get so confused they vary from one to the other sporadically. It's like 'come on guys! Are we really that hard to understand?'


  1. girls are extremely hard to understand! same way guys are extremely hard to understand!
    If a guy isn't threatened by anyone else, than he has no reason to be protective, in my opinion

  2. Yes but isn't that just arrogance?

  3. Well, unless I was given a reason to be threatened, I wouldn't really care.

    its like war! We won't be scared of New Zealand, unless New Zealand gives us a reason to be threatened by them, and until that happens we wont need to fight back! lol

    Merry Christmas by the way :)

  4. Merry Christmas Toddles :) haha but do u care about NZ? Lol would you care if you lost NZ? Haha