Saturday, 7 January 2012


I spent the day with my extended family in Putney Park celebrating my cousin Lidija's 30th birthday. It was a toasty warm day in Sydney and we all tried to escape the heat to shade and by cooling ourselves down by the water where a cool breeze circulated.

While the women ate and gossiped, the men drank, fished and kicked a ball around, I noticed one thing, that no matter what sort of family you have, there is no bond stronger than family. It is not only the love that keeps you together but it also the beliefs, lifestyles and experiences that makes the bonds stronger.

My family is unified by religious beliefs, past sufferings, and upbringings, making us all understanding and accepting of each other and the decisions we each make throughout our lives.

So while they may drive you crazy sometimes or make you think "how on earth am I related to these people?" don't forget that they are the ones who will understand when others don't, who won't judge you and who will be there to support you when others walk the other way.

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