Friday, 24 February 2012

Young love.

So lately i have been thinking about young love and the crushing power it has over most of us who have experienced it. These thoughts have been inspired by none other than the two men in my life at the moment, Nicholas Bean and the wonderful Mr Nicholas Sparks.
I am currently reading his latest novel 'The Best of Me' and i noticed a trend in his writing. With novels such as The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Dear John and The Last Song, just to name a few, most of his work is based on young love.
We are drawn into towns such as those in Old America where Sparks bases most of his stories in, here it is easy to see how romance was something sought by all.

I think you would all agreed with me when i say that up until we experience that first-time love we all believe in romance and undying passion, and that is why first loves are so amazing, why we never forget them. And like me some of you may have experienced this in your teens. Two kids who know nothing of real life, figuring out love. And if you are lucky like me, that first love, that young love, turns into a great love. Sparks writes of losing that first, young love and being tortured by that loss and why wouldn't you be? I believe you can find love again, in someone else, but i cant imagine it being this strong, i still feel like a teenager at heart and this is something i never want to lose.

And just like when Carrie asked Big 'have you ever been in love?'
I can reply just as he did; ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY!

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