Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Friend or faux?

For those who read my blog regularly you might remember me mentioning that i've never surrounded myself with a big pose of girlfriends and lately i have become very proud of myself for always keeping my distance from 'those girls'.

Ive observed that 'those girls' are not really "BFFs", they stick together to validate their own existence, they lie and cheat. 'Those girls' pretend to be one big happy family but will be the first to say something nasty about one another. They come up to girls like me and say 'gosh i cant stand her she is so two-faced!'

Sometimes its better to have a handful of close friends then countless fakes just to seem cool. So here is a message to you, to all those girls who have said something bad about someone they consider their 'bestfriend', take a step back and think: is she really your friend or just a faux?

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