Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I met a woman today, her name was Angie. She told me something that i will never forget.
She said to me 'love doesnt hurt' and at first i stared at her baffled by what she meant. I did not understand, and then i reflected upon our conversation and to the reason why we had even met and then i understood.
But i would like to put my own spin on it: 'true love doesnt hurt.'

We hurt people we love all the time, and they hurt us back as well, although it is mostly never on purpose.
But when you meet your true love this would never be an issue, your love for each other could never be painful. This i think is the distinction we all need to make when we are in relationships: is the reason im hurt because of an accident? or is it because of something bigger?

And while i cried hysterically to this woman i barely knew i thought to myself: is what we have true love or just a love that i cannot let go of?

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  1. Its a love you cannot let go of. But when you do let it go, you'll find your true love; and that is a love that would never let you think of letting go.
    Smile baby girl