Wednesday, 30 March 2011

crazy day.

Where do i begin? How about from the start?

Okay so i woke up normally just like every other Wednesday morning, my printer ran out of ink and so i had to hand write my resignation letter. At work, my close friend Steph was being trained on how to pierce ears and so i offered to be her dummy. I now have my second wholes :)

While i worked through the pain my day was still going well, up until i burnt my hand!
Ye however this was all still a typical day for me, i am really clumsy.

I left and headed out to meet Bek for my first ever lesson with Rocket!
It stopped raining the second we were ready to take his out and i took this to be a good omen.
Everything was going great, it took a while but Rocket eventually warmed up to me.

I finally got him to trot and at the wrong second he took off, in the middle of a turn, up a hill. Needless to say i could not hold my balance and came down hard on a rock on my back!

I laughed it off and tried not to let Bek see how much it hurt, and the best thing is i still got back on! After that Rocket was a lot more careful, its funny how aware he was of what had happened, he actually acted apologetic.
My arm is grazed and my left thigh is bruising up nicely, i can barely walk. It sounds like im being a baby but it really hurts!

After i came home i decided it was time to take my parents brand new Mercedes out for a spin! And guess who i run into? The one girl who was so jealous that it ended our friendship 6 months ago! And the same girl who i wrote about in my post 'GIRLS!' a couple of days ago!
Seeing her eyes green with envy made me feel better about everything that has gone wrong for me lately.

Such an interesting end to an interesting day :)

Anyways tomorrow i have a presentation on documentaries, time to get to it.
Night all

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