Monday, 23 May 2011


Good evening Sydney siders!

Hope you have all been enjoying this relatively warm Autumn weather we have been having.
I have been extremely busy! Ive been writing a million articles for my Journalism classes but at the same time i have been enjoying my time off from my Legal Ethics class (which starts again this week).

Nathan's Christening was fun and i also started my new job today - at Beacon Lighting! Yes i know it is very random. It was hard, something that i should have expected. I know nothing about lighting and every time someone asked me a question about a lightbulb i was like 'come again?' but hopefully ill pick it up soon.

Tonight i am trying to relax a little bit before i start my biggest assignment of this semester tomorrow. Really not looking forward to it, i desperately need to get a good grade for it or im screwed!

Anyways, ill upload some photos of what i have been up to lately.

Goodnight xo
Nathan & his Godfather

Nathan & myself.

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