Sunday, 18 December 2011


As we reach the end of 2011 we are all left reflecting on the year that has passed. While everyone on Facebook is posting about how much they want 2012 to be here already i have to admit that 2011 has been pretty amazing.
There have been many hard times but overall i have had the best time of my life. I didn't go anywhere special or achieve anything great but i gained the best memories and learnt the most important lessons in life.

This year allowed me to see who my true friends are, people who i thought i could count on turned out to be nothing but fakes and those who i never expected to care about me turned out to be those who saved me. I was forced to be alone, truly alone, for the first time in years and while the thought of this would have scared me to death at the start of the year i survived and became a stronger person, i learnt who i was as an individual, this is the most valuable thing that i have gained from 2011.

Apart from all of this smaller things have impacted on my life in a big way, my sister got married and it was difficult adjusting to living without her just across the hall, i guess i never realised how much it meant having her close to me until she moved out. Now she is 6 months pregnant and we are all very excited, this baby means so much to us all and cant wait for the bubba to arrive (ill admit i'm getting a little clucky).

Yes, 2011 has been amazing, i cant remember a year where i laughed more, met more amazing people or showed myself how strong and capable i can be. Thankyou to all those wonderful people who made it what it is, join me in making 2012 even more fabulous?

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