Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ready to welcome the new year.

Hello readers! I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas and are now prepared to await the new year! My plans have finally been settled, i was so stressed but now i am excited! I will be going to Collaroy Beach with my best friends and staying at Bellagio by the Sea.

Besides from planning NYE i really haven't been up to much, feasting with my family almost every day, reading a lot and working a little. While everything may seem to be all fun and relaxing this passed week has still managed to find its faults.

There is a lot i would like to say on the subject of one particular person who was in my life up until today but i honestly cannot find the right words to sum it up. Lets just say that a leopard never changes its spots. You hurt me once - shame on you. You hurt me twice - shame on me. Needless to say that was the end of that particular relationship.

Apart from all of that i am happy - happier than i have been in a while. I feel strong and confident and i am ready to welcome 2012.

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