Friday, 30 December 2011

Dear 2011.

Dear 2011 i would just like to say that you surprised me quite a bit. I expected this year to be as typical as the last few years, full of drama and regret, but while there was some drama and a little bit of regret you still kicked ass!

Dear 2011 thankyou for the days when i saw my life is amazing.

Thankyou for the wonderful new people i have not only met but have gotten to know, the understanding staff at Taylor & Scott Lawyers and Beacon Lighting, i have learnt more than i ever thought i would this year.

Dear 2011 thankyou for Stephanie Cheniart, without this girl i would not have survived and i sure as hell would not be thanking you for anything right now. I have learnt that some friendships are worth everything you put into them.

Dear 2011 thankyou for giving me the time, strength, courage, power and support to finally get to know myself as an individual, and not as someone defined by the people in her life.

Thankyou for allowing me to learn some of the biggest lessons in life before it is too late, and thankyou for allowing me to see my mistakes and accept the past for what it is.

Dear 2011 thankyou for giving me more time.

Signed sincerely N.

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