Monday, 30 January 2012

A new outlook.

In the past my life was full of drama.
Drama with friends was all about those who did not make enough effort, new friends coming into my life and not getting along with others, and friends leaving.
Drama with my boyfriend that consisted of jealous and arguments that were caused by insecurities.
And ofcourse drama that had to do with lack of confidence and paranoia that everyone had something negative to say about me behind my back that would lead me to argue with people.

But lately i thought 'fuck it'. I used to say this a lot in the past but things still bothered me but today when the new guy at work did something to really piss me off i decided not to even bother confronting him. I am going to treat him with as much respect as he gave me, which is none. Call it petty if you wish, i am not going to give people the time of day anymore, i mean what the point in it? He doesn't mean anything to me so why should waste my energy on him?

The same philosophy will go with everything else in my life, from now on instead of taking the path that will ease my paranoia (confronting people) i am going to ignore it, take the easy path, and let the worry fade away. I am going to teach myself a lesson, not to be bothered by things that wont matter in a couple of days time.

I suggest you all do the same, life is much simple this way.

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