Thursday, 5 January 2012

Storms and scary stories.

I know we have all been feeling it today with the humidity and we can all hear it right now, following the blistering heat that we have been experiencing the past few days, a storm is rolling in. I do not know if it is just because we haven't had a storm in a while but this one sounds like its going to be a big one.

I came home a few minutes ago to find the house empty and dark, and with the sounds of thunder and the piercing light of the lightning flashing through the blinds my girly instincts told me to run to my room, shut the door and to not come out until the storm passes.

Maybe I am just being a sissy or maybe there is some sort of psychological damage done to me through my experiences of storms as a child, but either way i cannot help the irrational feeling that maybe it isn't just me in this big empty house.

The dogs are barking and the street is deserted. I won't enter into a room without turning the light on first, just to erase the fear of someone being there waiting for me. Washing my face was a challenge as i refused to put my face down or close my eyes, thinking that if i did this the moment i put my head up and opened my eyes someone would be there, in the mirror, looking at me.

Now, even as i write this i can tell how stupid it is, but it isn't my fault, i blame the stereotypical horror movies (which also is the reason why i will never go camping), and of course all those stormy nights i spent under a sheet with a torch lit telling scary stories with my friends (even though i don't even remember the basics of any of those stories). Still though, the thought of being home alone in a big house while a storm rages outside scares me to death!

True story.

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