Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Still Alice

Still Alice is the debut novel by Lisa Genova. It is about Alice Howland, a Harvard professor, mother and wife who is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

The novel follows Alice's journey from her first memory lapses to losing herself completely to the disease.
From the first page Genova draws you in, creating a world filled with wisdom, success and love.
Alice Howland has it all and at 50 years of age she hasn't been able to enjoy it for long enough. We follow her struggle in coming to terms with having a rare and incurable disease, we cry with her family and we fear with Alice, how much of herself is she willing to let go of?

Alice's story ends with one simple message: while Alzheimer's can take away your memories and intellect, it can never take away the one thing that matters, your heart. You can look across from you and not know that the woman sitting there is your daughter but you will always feel the love you have in your heart, because it is the emotions you feel and relationships you create that shape our lives the most, these are the things that will never leave us. These are the things that made her Still Alice.

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