Wednesday, 29 February 2012


In exactly four months my bags will be packed and I'll be preparing myself to say goodbye to everyone I know, everyone that makes me who I am, well who I am today that is, who i am when I come home might be a different story.

I'll have to say goodbye to all my family and friends and hardest of all the one person who holds me together when I am feeling sad, insecure, scared or vulnerable, my boyfriend. I'll have to say goodbye and fly to the other side of the world... alone.

While in many ways this scares the living hell out of me i am so excited. I will be speaking new languages, eating exotic foods, learning new cultures, art and history, and of course shopping shopping shopping!!

However, the thing that excites me most is that I will be growing under the European sun, finding out more about who I am as a person and learning to love myself as an individual.

I can't wait to explore London, fall in love with Paris, drink wine in the Beaujolais Wine region, picnic in the French countryside, have my night of glamour in Monte Carlo, be amazed at the architecture in Florence, get in touch with my spirited side in Rome and the Vatican, go paragliding in Austria, struggle for words at the Dachau concentration camp in Munich, eating lots of chocolate in Switzerland, party away in Amsterdam and finally relax abroad in Croatia, finding peace and familiarity in a country I hold deep in my heart.

4 months and counting.....

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